Certified Organic SuperFood Smoothie (Ecuador/Peru)

Natava SuperFoods

Certified Organic SuperFood Smoothie (Ecuador/Peru)

This is our Natava Certified Organic SuperFoods Smoothie. It is a blend of super food powders to help you make the perfect smoothie.

It consists of cacao powder, maca, mesquite, and lucuma all of which are nutrient dense and provide you with many of your essential vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Superfood Smoothie Blend

  • It contains antioxidants due to the cacao ingredient. 
  • It contains Maca which may contribute to optimum health and well-being.
  • Mesquite is a great addition to this blend of smoothie powder as it has a good amount of protein whilst being sweet in taste.
  • The addition of Lucuma adds a great nutty vanilla flavour with a creamy texture as well as having niacin which has many benefits and may be beneficial in improving skin health.
  • Our blend is a source of magnesium and other essential minerals for overall health.
  • All of the powders in our smoothie blend have been chosen by our Natava SuperFoods team to bring you the best nutrition as they all are known for their nutrients, benefits, and are all organic so you can rest assured that there are no added additives, or chemicals and that it is pesticide free.

How to Use Lifefoods Superfood Smoothie Blend

Simply add a tablespoon or two to your smoothie and blend it up. We suggest using a cup of milk and frozen banana to get a great base for your smoothie. Our blend can also be sprinkled on yogurt or used to add flavour and nutrition to your baking.

We offer the LifeFoods Superfood Smoothie Blend in 2 different sizes of 250g & 500g.

Serving/pack is based on 500g Variant

Ingredients: 40% organic cacao powder, 20% organic maca powder, 20% organic mesquite powder, 20% organic lucuma powder

Servings per Pack: Approx 16

Average Serving Size: 30g

Avg Quantity Per Serving Avg Quantity Per 100g
Energy 528kJ 1760kJ
Protein 4.7g 15.5g
- gluten not detected not detected
Fat, total 1.4g 4.8g
Carbohydrate 22.1g 73.7g
- sugars 7.2g 24g
Sodium 5.4mg 18.1mg
Potassium 350mg 1170mg
Magnesium 66.9mg (21% RDI*) 223mg
Total Antioxidants 13300μmol** 40400μmol**
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